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Business Strategy

In a competitive industries, each firm/brands formulates a strategy it believes it can exploit.

We help startup brands formulate strategy by developing working plans for achieving its vision, prioritizing objectives, competing successfully and optimizing financial performance with its already existing business model

Logo/Graphics Design

We help new brands design a unique logo and we also redesign logo for already existing brands.

We are trusted for custom logo/graphics design, we have experienced hands on experts that understands the concept behind your brand/business before getting to the drawing boards to produce that unique logo of yours.

Social Media Management

Here we are in charge of representing your company across social media channels as the sole voice of your brand. we respond to comments, compile campaigns and create content.

Our experts provide your brand with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence for just a token.

Web Design

We don't just design websites like every other brands out there, we create and build funnels that sells, websites that converts your potential visitors to paying clients.

Our designs are totally focused on UI and UX because we believe that your clients/customers are the major reason your site was built

Mobile Applications

We also create awesome mobile applications that runs on mobile devices like yours. We build on cross platforms like IOS and Androids operating systems.

Do you Have an idea of an application you want to start us up? Hit it up lets create magic together. We also convert that your awesome website into a mobile application.

Digital Marketing

We have full experience in digital marketing with a skilled team thats has understood how the digital marketing world works. We also have affiliations with top agency which enable us to push your desired product to your clients.


We dont only provide these services, we also train your staffs in various areas where need be. We shows them how to manage and even develop systems to enable your organization flourish

The best part of it is that we can always come to your organization to train and equip your staffs.


Our Projects

Some of our most recent projects completed by Us. All our works are super responsive to all screen sizes, we always focus more on the mobile and tablet version because everyone access the web these days on their mobile phones.

Warm greetings from all of us at Squib Digital

We Are Digital Agency

We are basically different from your traditional marketing agency because we re focused on result-based oriented marketing in the digital world and we deploy tested tools to achieve our set goal

At Squib digital we assure our clients a 100% Return On Investment (ROI) from whatever service we offer to them

We develop effective online marketing strategies and we also help you develop funnels(websites) that dont just attract your clients but websites that generate sells for your said product/services.

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Our Blog

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